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Alan Wake Remastered Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind well known action games like Max Payne & Control, is bringing Alan Wake Remastered to the Nintendo Switch.

The creepy action-thriller Alan Wake Remastered is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. Developer Remedy Entertainment gained major popularity after releasing the first two Max Payne games in the early 2000s. Those games included smooth action gameplay with slow-motion gunfights in a way no other video game had done before. However, after the release of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, the developer started working on a new action-adventure game inspired by the works of Stephen King and the supernatural. In 2010, Alan Wake was released exclusively on the Xbox 360.

The thrilling action and mysterious plot of Alan Wake set it apart from other action games of the time. While Remedy previously canceled Alan Wake 2 to focus on other projects, development was recently restarted on the anticipated sequel. Since the first game’s release, the developer has evolved its gameplay through titles like Quantum Break and (for many) the 2019 Game of the Year Control. But in a recent video, Remedy revealed some new information that is sure to get some Nintendo Switch owners excited.


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This fall, Alan Wake Remastered will be available to download on the Nintendo Switch. As reported by Kotaku, a video was posted by Remedy to celebrate the game’s twelfth anniversary and share updates on three upcoming Alan Wake projects. With a brand new sequel and Alan Wake TV series in the works with AMC, fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to. The video below reveals that the game’s developers always planned to expand the franchise past the first game. A specific release date has not been announced, but Nintendo Switch owners will be able to try out the first game of the series sometime this fall.

While the developer’s previous game, Control, was playable on the Nintendo Switch only as a cloud-based game, Alan Wake Remastered is set to be downloadable. This will help players enjoy the updated version of the game by avoiding the prevalent pitfalls cloud gaming is known for, like lag and pixelation issues. The remaster of the psychological action game was previously released last October on current and last-gen consoles with upgraded visuals and improved character models. But this will be the first time Alan Wake has released on a Nintendo system.

After years of waiting and several other releases from Remedy, fans were unsure if more Alan Wake would ever come. However, after the massively successful game Control was revealed to take place in the same universe as Alan Wake, fans became incredibly excited to learn more about the supernatural universe the game’s developer is setting out to create. Remedy has said that the upcoming sequel will not require playing through its previous games to enjoy. But once Alan Wake Remastered releases on the Nintendo Switch this fall, it will be the perfect time to get reacquainted with the game’s story. Many Nintendo fans will finally be able to experience Alan Wake for the first time before more is revealed about the crime fiction author in the game’s sequel and upcoming TV series.

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Sources: Kotaku, Remedy Entertainment/Youtube

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