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The Key to Beating DC’s Vampire Apocalypse May Just be a Surprising Hero

Within the hit series DC vs Vampires, the sun has recently been completely blotted out by one of Batman’s proteges, now a vampire, in order to maintain control over the entire world. This strategy has effectively downed quite a few heroes including powerhouses like Supergirl. The survivors’ mission to bring the sun back may be the key to winning this war through saving the most important superhero left alive- Swamp Thing.

In the beginning of the series, readers are introduced to Andrew Bennett, a vampire who at the time was attempting to hunting down the murderer who killed the Vampire Queen. His trail led him straight to the Legion of Doom’s headquarters. Within the headquarters, he was greeted by an extraordinarily gory scene as the bodies of villains who refused to submit or covert lay strewn across the floor. Later on, within these same headquarters, a small map that marks the location of several heavy hitters in the DC universe. These names were clearly targets that the vampire horde had identified to continue attacking once their plan to engulf the world in darkness had already succeeded.


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This map in James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt’s DC vs Vampires #1 had several big names on it, with some heroes being obvious obstacles that the vampires would face in their rise to power. Most of these names listed are fairly obvious, with Superman and Wonder Woman as some of the League’s biggest heavy hitters. Others, like Constantine and Joker seem to be on this list because of their ability to sew chaos into seemingly any other set of plans. One of these names, however, is not like the others. Swamp Thing is seen on this list and yet is seldom, if ever, seen fighting in large-scale wars like this. The fact that his appearance was hinted so early on within the franchise, despite hardly appearing over the course of several chapters, should mean that he will have some larger role to play against the vampires.

It’s no wonder the colony of vampires needed ways to block out the sun on such an insanely large scale. Not only did they have to worry about characters like Superman and Supergirl constantly charging from their solar battery effect, but the titan of the Green, Swamp Thing, probably would have been able to cause enough havoc on his own. With the ability to control plants from a distance, travel to any plant in the world, as well as complete immunity to vampirification, Swamp Thing could potentially destroy the entire vampire horde overnight. The mission to bring back the Sun has already begun with a few of the survivors heading down to Australia. Their goal is to bring the sun back for Supergirl to charge – but it’s also incredibly likely that Swamp Thing himself makes a triumphant debut once again at the end of however their mission finishes. Swamp Thing can’t currently do much because the lack of sunlight restricts his movement, power, and regenerative abilities but he could be so much more.

The Swamp Thing has always been one of the most powerful entities in the DCU. This upcoming mission in DC vs Vampires may be exactly the chance he needs to establish himself as one of the Justice League’s most powerful characters, at least when given the resources that he needs.

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